Application of Radiant Tube Energy Saving Devices in CSC No.1 ACL Reheating Furnace Section

Publication Author : Wei-Dong Hsieh, Yu-Cheng Cha
Publication Year : 2018
Publication Event :
Publication Theme : SQJ Vol 47 No.3
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The No. 1 Annealing & Coating Line (1ACL) anneals high-grade electromagnetic steel sheet, which consists of 107 radiant tube burners and uses coke oven gas as fuel. In order to save energy and reduce carbon emission , we provided energy-saving device of the radiant tube (Radiant Tube Insert, RTI). Firstly, a single burner testing was performed to confirm the energy-saving potential, and then extended to the zone test (zone1) to confirm energy efficiency improvements. Finally apply to zone2 and zone3. The RTI is made of silicon carbide (SiC) material, the main function is to enhance the convection and radiation heat transfer efficiency in the exhausting leg of the radiant tube, to reduce the exhaust emission temperature, thereby enhancing the radiant tube heating efficiency. In the energy-saving device single test shows the use of RTI can increase the efficiency of the radiant tube burner by 4%. Extending to the RTI application to the zone1/2/3 along with combustion system management, the energy consumption can be reduced by 20% per ton of products. Test results confirmed that RTI can enhance the radiation heat transfer efficiency.

Keywords: annealing furnace, radiant tube, energy-saving device, heat transfer enhancement, radiant tube insert