Composite Steel Structures in Construction

Publication Author : Chan-Hee Park, Jin-Won Kim
Publication Year : 2018
Publication Event :
Publication Theme : SQJ Vol 47 No.2
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In Korea, various high performance steel for construction applications have been developed for specific structural applications. POSCO lead development of high performance steel for bridges (HSB) and high performance steel for buildings (HAS) from development of steel, application technology (welding etc.), structural/fabrication performance evaluation and development of code/guides to site applications.

By using high performance steel in composite structures additional values can be provided. Composite steel structures not only have economical advantages but also have additional values such as low girder height to provide extra floor space in buildings, increase stability and/or reduce vibration in bridges. For application of composite structures LRFD design code application and structural performance evaluations are required.

Also, by using hybrid design and fabrication optimization advantages of steel structures will be optimized for service not just for design. Various applications of composite steel structures in construction and structural performance evaluation will be presented.

Keywords: High performance steel, composite structures, hybrid design