Ensure Facility Robustness by Establishing Optimal Technology of Multi Stage Axial Compressor

Publication Author : Angga Yudistira P* Ilham Bimaskara **
Publication Year : 2018
Publication Event :
Publication Theme : SQJ Vol 47 No.3
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Synopsis :
Blower is one of main facility in the ironmaking blast furnace system, as blast furnace using
combustion to generate molten iron. There are 2 main components of blower, driving
equipment and driven equipment. Driving equipment (motor) converts electrical energy to
mechanical energy (rotation), and driven equipment (compressor) converts rotation into
pressure and flowrate of air needed for blast furnace process.
Blower supplies pressurised air needed for combustion process at blast furnace. Pressurised
air is generated by multi-stage axial compressor with high mass flow rate. Axial compresor
core component such as : rotor, stator, casing and coupling are critical for its purposes.
As operating time passes on, blower needs to be overhauled regularly to make sure the
facility condition is reliable. This paper present theoritical, experiment and problem solving
for core component of axial compressor, such as: stator and rotor gap measurement, detecting
defect at the blade using NDT methods, casing bolt tightness, and coupling torque
management. While overhaul, each critical component may faces several problem. When
measuring the gap of rotor and stator blade, some gap may below or above standard. When
check the defect which can be ignored or should be repaired immediately. And regarding bolt
tightening that the bolt can be over tighten, under tighten or tighten by wrong methods.

Keywords: blower, axial compressor, overhaul