Developing the Next Generation of Cost Effective Rebar for the ASEAN Construction Market

Publication Author : Dr Jitendra Patel
Publication Year : 2018
Publication Event :
Publication Theme : SQJ Vol 47 No.2
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Steel reinforcement bar (rebar) is a fundamental construction material used in all tall buildings, infrastructure and civil engineering projects. It is probably the most widely produced and applied individual steel product type in the world today. As a commodity product, it must be produced at maximum volume, with minimum production yield loss and consistently within specification at the lowest of costs. Whilst this is not challenging enough, it is also required to keep pace with new market demands of higher strengths, larger diameters, seismic performance requirements and continuing changes in country specification standards.

The paper outlines a structured approach in development of the next generation of cost effective rebar with niobium micro-alloying being pursued to meet modern market requirements. It presents new research findings and its commercial application (trial results) to the role of niobium in microstructural development when hot rolling and cooling (by air or water) of rebar. It covers grades from 400 to over 600MPa yield strengths and improvements in uniform elongation for seismic performance. The paper also discusses the recent update of GB1499.2 (China) rebar standard and the wider implication.

Keywords: Rebar, Cost Effective, Standards, Microstructure, Niobium.