Efforts to Improve The Processing Ratio of The BOF Type Furnace for Hot Metal Dephosphorization at The Kakogawa Works

Publication Author : Kazumasa Adachi, Yoshio Suzuki, Kosuke Saito, Atsuhiko Yoshida
Publication Year : 2018
Publication Event :
Publication Theme : SQJ Vol 47 No.3
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In the BOF-type furnace for hot metal dephosphorization at Kakogawa Works, it is difficult to remove the metal adhering from the slag line part to the throttle part of the furnace, meaning that the treatment ratio has decreased. In addition, slopping was promoted by the decrease in furnace internal volume due to adhesion of the metal, and this resulted in a decrease in iron yield.

In this paper, the focus of the report is on the removal method of adhered metal by utilization of the slag with high temperature using post­ combustion of CO gas in foaming slag.

Keywords: Dephosphorizing Furnace, Iron yield, metal melting