Cold Rolling Mills by SMS Group – Flexible Plant Concepts Tailored to the Demand of Emerging Markets

Publication Author : Torsten Seeger* Falk Töpfer**
Publication Year : 2018
Publication Event :
Publication Theme : SQJ Vol 47 No.2
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 Cold strip producers, who are investing in their business and are establishing them in emerging markets, have special demands on their production equipment and its supplier. SMS group is well aware of these requirements and offers cold rolling mill concepts for cost-effective production of a wide range of different capacities and product qualities.

The design of SMS group for single stand Reversing Cold Mills (RCM) and two stand Compact Cold Mills (CCM®) is optimized in terms of investment cost (CAPEX) and operating cost (OPEX). The tandem cold mills (TCM) are the appropriate solution for larger production capacities. The installation of a TCM can be the first step towards the implementation of a continuous production process (PLTCM).

The paper introduces several design solutions, including technological features and actuators as well as upgrade opportunities in order to meet current and future demands, allowing producers of cold rolled strip to grow with their market.

One example for the flexibility of the RCM and the adaptability to future needs is the capacity enlargement of an existing RCM by installation of a second mill stand and thereby turning the RCM into a Compact Cold Mill (CCM®). As latest references of SMS group have shown, these installations take only a shutdown time of approx. two months until the mill starts operation again. It is also possible to convert a CCM® into a TCM. Other upgrade opportunities are related to performance, quality and yield, like e.g. the yield optimizer or automatic flatness control.

Keywords: Reversing Cold Mill (RCM), CVC® plus, Compact Cold Mill (CCM®), Tandem Cold Mill (TCM), yield optimizer