Latest Technologies and Mill Solutions for The Production of Long Products

Publication Author : Ulrich Svejkovsky
Publication Year : 2018
Publication Event :
Publication Theme : SQJ Vol 47 No.3
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Steel products, especially long products like rebars, wire rod and sections are important construction materials for growing economies in the South East Asia region. These products should be produced locally to ensure its availability. This requires cost efficient solutions serving the local market demand. The ecological aspect of saving energy and protection of resources, paired with the demand of maximum flexibility and localization, are playing an increasingly important role.

 SMS group has developed and established new and proven plant solutions providing answers to these demands: Minimized CAPEX and OPEX and at the same time maximum energy efficiency and flexibility.

For modernizations, we have developed so called performance modules, individual machines and components which will improve the performance of the mill in terms of quality, productivity, efficiency and Industry 4.0. These are low cost devices and equipment which can be installed in existing mills to make them more competitive.

Keywords: Modernizations, Performance modules, Localization, CMT® high efficient minimill, CEE technology, Small capacity rebar mills, HSD® High Speed Delivery System, VCC® Vertical Compact Coiler