Metallurgical Service Portfolio to Increase Competitiveness – Cost Saving Mechanical, Mechatronic, and Automation Solutions for the Entire Metallurgical Technology Chain

Publication Author : Henning Huschka
Publication Year : 2019
Publication Event :
Publication Theme : SQJ Vol 47 No.1
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Today’s steel industry is confronted with a challenging environment compared to the past decades. These challenging conditions will increasingly force steel producers to cautiously upgrade their facilities, focus on predictive maintenance solutions and integrated data network as well as innovative cost saving mechatronic and mechanic add-ons in order to avoid a fall back situation in daily competition.

Considering the above situation the presentation starts with an introduction to benefits of mind-set change in maintaining and operation plants. The relation between predictive maintenance and Industry 4.0 is discussed, conclusions for countable operator benefits are made.

Specifically, during virtual roundtrips through the steelmaking and rolling technology chain, a portfolio of innovative and cost-saving solutions for upgrade packages is touched. Primetals has focused their development work in the recent past to revolutionary E-service solutions. Condition monitoring systems including such for slow moving equipment, to mechatronic monitoring of equipment and process with direct process control links as well as mechanical – drastically cost saving – upgrade packages. As examples the bow is spanned from electronic maintenance and documentary service, over shock pulse monitoring methods for EAF/BOF and caster turret bearings, further to removal of typical maintenance headaches like side guide life time in hot rolling and property, edge and strip quality prediction in hot and cold rolling. In a final chapter robotic solutions as well as plant simulators are introduced and discussed.

Thus Primetals strives for a maximum contribution to customer’s operation with the aim to enable the plants to:

  • I  Increase production / equipment reliability
  • Save cost during operation and maintenance
  • Optimize product quality
  • Shorten development times
  • Comply with highest safety standards

Steel will continue to be the material of choice, there is no doubt about this fact. The steel industry is robust enough to withstand the current harsh conditions, but it also will require a farsighted management to make the right decisions today to be competitive in future market scenario.

Keywords: Metallurgical competitiveness, Industry 4.0, Technology chain