Energy Management in Steelworks by Using ISO 14404 and Cooperation with the ASEAN Steel Industry

Publication Author : Shiro Watakabe, Michio Nakayama, and Hiromi Kawamata
Publication Year : 2018
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Publication Theme : SQJ Vol 47 No.2
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As attentions towards the climate change increase, the global steel industry needs to cooperate in order to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Since 2013, the Japanese steel industry has been working with the ASEAN steel industry on energy saving and environmental protection.

One area of cooperation is activities for expanding the application of ISO14404. ISO14404 is an international standard to calculate energy intensity and CO2 emission intensity from iron and steel plant, published in March 2013 with the leadership of the Japanese steel industry. There are standards for blast furnaces (ISO14404-1) and electric arc furnaces (ISO14404-2).

ISO14404 is a simple and easy calculation method only requires usual operational data, such as crude steel production, purchased raw materials and by-products energy purchase/sale. With this method, energy efficiency of the steel plant can be estimated to recognize the low energy efficiency performance facility/process, then the best technology to improve the energy efficiency can be applied from the Technology Customized List.

This paper presents the progress of ASEAN - Japan Steel Initiative. It contains an overview of ISO14404 and discussion of energy conservation diagnosis in steel plants in ASEAN to provide how ISO14404 is used.

Keywords: ISO14404, Energy Management, Energy Conservation, CO2 reduction, energy conservation diagnosis, ASEAN-Japan Steel Initiative, Technology Customized List