Newly Developed Combined Abrasive Cut-Off and Cold Circular Sawing Machines for Flexible Applications in The Steel and Special Metals Industry

Publication Author : Gerhard Richter, Alexander Zeischka, Stefan Purrer, Philipp Ebner
Publication Year : 2018
Publication Event :
Publication Theme : SQJ Vol 47 No.3
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Semi-finished steel and special alloy products need to be cut for further processing. In most cases (e. g. for cold cutting of bright bars, etc.), shortest-possible cutting cycles, precise and clean cuts are a must. 2 cutting technologies, abrasive cutting and cold circular sawing, meet these requirements. For certain material grades, however, cold circular sawing is the more economic solution whereas other materials require abrasive cutting. Because of the very opposite requirements on the cutting machine, it was very difficult in the past to combine both cutting technologies in one unit. Therefore, steel producers or distributors with diversified product mixes were forced to decide if they should invest in an abrasive cut-off machine, a cold circular saw – or to buy both types of cutting machines. BRAUN’s newly developed combined abrasive cut-off and cold circular sawing machine does now solve this dilemma. Depending on the product to be cut, this novel-type high-performance cutting machine allows to optionally use both cutting technologies. BRAUN’s machine design also allows to change-over quickly from abrasive cutting mode to cold circular sawing mode and vice versa. The paper describes the key features and the advantages of this new combination machine, as well as operational results.

Keywords: Abrasive cutting, cold circular sawing, product quality, process economy, process flexibility