New Solutions for The New Normal: Enhancing Competitiveness of Discontinuous Cold Mills and Strip Processing Lines

Publication Author : Ruediger Holz, Mauro Olivotto
Publication Year : 2018
Publication Event :
Publication Theme : SQJ Vol 47 No.3
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Design, build and start-up innovative, state-of-the-art, CAPEX and OPEX optimized Cold processing lines to produce high quality steel, in close partnership with our customers worldwide. This is the primary mission of Danieli Wean United.

Two selected examples are showing breakthrough technology in efficient cold rolling as well as added value and green technology in Danieli’s galvanizing technology.

Especially customers operating discontinuous cold rolling mills are forced to increase yield and constancy in cold product quality, without investing in expensive continuous facilities. To achieve this target, we are offering solutions by operating coil weights up to 90 tons in discontinuous rolling mills. Core technologies used for these innovative plant concepts are Danieli’s new developed, high efficient laser welding technology, the newly developed Yield Boost Technology to significantly reduce yield losses at the strip ends as well as the OSRT technology for best strip flatness results.

In galvanizing lines, the zinc pot is the most effective area to reduce costs in operation and consumables and at the same time increase the product quality. The new X-JET wiping system was developed as a complete Integrated Technological Package, capable of increasing the performances of coating weight control: in terms of pure wiping efficiency, tight process control and reduced operator interference. Installations in green field plants as well as upgrade packages for existing lines already proved the superiority of this new technology.

Keywords: Yield Boost, Laser welder, X-Jet Air knife, Q-Robot-Zinc