Complete, Advanced Technology Meltshop and Caster for Riva Industries, Morocco

Posted on 05 March 2019 10109

The new meltshop will feature EAF Q-Melt Suite with MELT MODEL system. To be installed in the industrial area of Medz an Jorf Lasfar, in Morocco, beside an existing rolling mill, the new plant will produce 800,000 tpy of 130x130 - 200x200 mm billets. 


The new meltshop will include a 100-t FASTARC™ EAF with the most advanced technological packages: EAF Q-Melt Suite with MELT MODEL system, LINDARC off-gas laser system, Q-REG+ electrode regulation system, Q-EBT Sand for automatic EBT sand refilling, and THOR 3K, the Danieli automatic EAF de-slagging door.


The four-strand, 9-m radius FastCast™ machine will feature: HY-POWER™ hydraulic drive, FastCast Cube™ oscillator; and Danieli ECO Power Mould™ for exceptional strand productivity. It will produce a large variety of low- and medium-carbon grades at high productivity rates, without jeopardizing the quality of the final product. Danieli Automation will supply the Level 2 process control system. Plant startup is scheduled for mid 2020.



Source: Danieli News