New Order for Danieli Q-Smartec EAF Electrode-Saving System

Posted on 26 February 2019 10109

Colombian steelmaker SIDOC ordered the Q-Smartec technological package to reduce electrode consumption of its EAF in Acopi – Valle del Cauca plant. EAF electrodes consumption is impacted by, among other factors, the lateral oxidation that results from the exposure of the hot surface of an electrode to the environment air.

Electrode water-cooling is intended to produce a continuous water film that cools the electrodes, reducing the exposure and thus the oxidation rate. Q-Smartec is a proven technology installed on almost 40 plants worldwide that applies dynamic and independent control of the cooling water flow during any EAF operating phase to achieve the most efficient electrode cooling. This allows a drastic reduction of electrodes consumption related to air oxidation, up to 15% compared to conventional electrode cooling systems.

Q-Smartec startup is expected by March 2019.


 SIDOC, Colombia, chooses dynamic cooling water technology to reduce EAF production costs

Source: Danieli News