Commerce finds PC strand from 8 countries dumped in US

Posted on 28 September 2020

Imports of pre-stressed concrete steel wire strand (PC strand) from eight countries were dumped in the US, the Department of Commerce said in a preliminary determination Sept. 24.

As a result, preliminary dumping margins on PC strand imports were set at 64.4% for Argentina, 86.09% for Colombia, 29.72% for Egypt, 30.86% for the Netherlands, 194.4% for Saudi Arabia, 23.89% for Taiwan, 53.65% for Turkey and 170.65% for the UAE, Commerce said.

Commerce will instruct US Customs and Border Protection to collect cash deposits from importers of PC strand from these eight countries based on the preliminary rates, it said.

Commerce in May initiated antidumping duty investigations concerning PC strand imports from 15 countries and a countervailing duty investigation concerning these imports from Turkey.

Domestic PC strand producers Insteel Wire Products, Sumiden Wire Products and Wire Mesh Corp. petitioned Commerce for an investigation into these imports in April.

Commerce is scheduled to announce its final determinations in these eight cases on or before Dec. 8, with the US International Trade Commission scheduled to make its final injury determination in the cases by Jan. 21, 2021.

Source : Platts