KG Dongbu Steel Starts Volume Production of Antiviral Color Steel Plates

Posted on 05 April 2021

KG Dongbu Steel announced on April 1 that it has started volume production of anti-virus color steel plates for the first time in Korea.

The anti-virus colored steel plates can kill 99.6 percent of Phi-6 viruses which have the same form as COVID-19 viruses within six hours.

The new steel plates uses KCC's anti-virus paint, which was verified by professional testing agencies for antibacterial and anti-fungal effects along with basic antiviral effects.

KG Dongbu Steel and KCC succeeded in making anti-virus color steel plates through close cooperation.

Antiviral colored steel plates can come in handy not only for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and food companies but for places that require antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungus effects such as schools, shops and apartments.

Source : Business Korea