Thailand imposes China, Korea al-zinc CRC anti-dumping duties

Posted on 11 May 2021

Thailand's Anti-dumping and Subsidy Review Committee has announced a definitive anti-dumping final ruling on imports of hot-dipped aluminium-zinc alloy cold-rolled steel sheet originating in China and South Korea. The anti-dumping duties will be in effect for five years from November, Kallanish notes.

According to the public document, the duties for imported products from these two countries will be 0% within the next six months. After the measure takes effect, products from China will face a 40.77% anti-dumping duty. South Korea's Dongkuk Steel Mill and SeAH Coated Metal Corporation face anti-dumping duties of 7% and 4.27% respectively, while other Korean companies' duties are 33.62%.

The Thai customs codes of the products involved are 7210.7011.032, 77210.7011.042, 7210.7011.043, 7210.7011.044, 7210.7011.090, 7210.7091.020, 7210.7091.030, 7210.7091.040, 7210.7091.090, 7212.4011.090, 7212.4012.090, 7212.4019.090, 7212.4091.090, 7212.4092.090 and 7212.4099.090.

Also included are 7225.9990.072, 7225.9990.073, 7225.9990.074, 7225.9990.076, 7225.9990.077, 7225.9990.078, 7225.9990.079, 7225.9990.090, 7226.9919.090 and 7226.9999.090. 

Products whose coating process adopts inkjet printing or whose coating structure is cold-rolled galvanized steel sheet are not within the scope of taxation.

The anti-dumping duties will terminate on 30 April 2026.

Source : Kallanish