Kardemir enters flat steelmaking with narrow plate

Posted on 02 March 2020

Kardemir has moved into flat steelmaking with the production of narrow tool steel plate, otherwise known as narrow platina, Kallanish notes. This follows its aim of producing new high-added-value products.

The Turkish steelmaker successfully completed narrow platina trial production. Trials were carried out for some time at the Rail Profile mill where products such as IPE, NPI, NPU, HEA and HEB sections are produced, as well as rail.

In accordance with customer demand, Kardemir has begun to produce narrow platina in 6 and 12m lengths, 205-405mm widths, 20-80mm thickness and up to 72m length.

Kardemir is the only producer in Turkey that produces rail and railway wheels, heavy profiles and thick sections. Its production of platina is considered as the first step for the transition to flat products.

The firm aims to produce 25,000 tonnes of platina in 2020. The product is used mainly in the machinery manufacturing and moulding sectors. Trial production of platina up to 520mm in width is continuing.

Kardemir general manager Dr. Hüseyin Soykan says: “The production of platina in the range of 205-405mm width and 20-80mm thickness, which was met by imports, has been completed and sold. Our goal is to reach 100,000 tonnes of production in a short time. Efforts continue to increase the width in this area to 520mm. 42CrMo4 quality has also been added to our existing medium carbon steel quality (C45) product group.” 

Source : Kallanish