Malaysia imposes China, Korea, Vietnam galvalume anti-dumping duty

Posted on 19 August 2020

Malaysia will impose a provisional anti-dumping duty on non-alloy steel products plated or coated with aluminium and zinc, originating in China, South Korea and Vietnam. The AD duty on these products, known commercially as galvalume, will be effective for 120 days from 14 August, Kallanish notes.

“Provisional anti-dumping duties ranging from 2.17% to 37.14% will be applied on imports of subject merchandise from the alleged countries,” says Malaysia’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

The probe was initiated following an application from local company NS Bluescope Malaysia, a domestic producer. The complainant alleges that imports from the three countries are being dumped in Malaysia and causing damage to the local steel industry. The industry has suffered injury from price undercutting, price depression, price suppression, negative cash flow and reduction in return on investment, the complaint alleges.

The products under investigation have HS Codes 7210.61.1100, 7210.61.1200, 7210.61.1900, 7210.61.9100, 7210.61.9200, 7210.61.9900, 7212.50.2300, 7212.50.2490, 7212.50.2910 and 7212.50.2990. In 2019, Malaysia imported 155,413 tonnes of the above products from China, Korea and Vietnam, an increase of 5.53% year-on-year. Imports from these countries in the first half of 2020 were 84,035t, accounting for 88.51% of total imports of these products.

The final AD duty determination will be made no later than 11 December 2020.

Source : Kallanish