A New e-Conference & Exhibition in a New Normal

Posted on 05 August 2021

There is little to gain and much to lose from the COVID 19 pandemic that we are facing now. The pandemic has caused disruption, hardship, uncertainties and more dramatically, changes the norm of societies in the effort to stop the spread of the virus. However, after a year now, we started to reaffirm ourselves that the way to face this crisis is through improvision and adaptation to a new normal in the midst of the challenge and recovery. A new normal that allow people to live safer, healthier, smarter with technology driven productive lives. 

SEAISI too has started to move forward to the new normal, working from home, meeting with members online and virtual learning, in such a way to keep engaging with the members. Last month, SEAISI has successfully organised its first Conference & Exhibition on its own SEAISI Virtual Platform. The e-Conference & Exhibition has managed to attract close to 400 delegates, 41 speaker presentations and 7 exhibitors from every part of the globe. 

About 70% of the delegates came from ASEAN 6 countries with the highest percentage from Singapore 17% followed by Thailand 15% and Malaysia 13%. Other countries from outside of Asia Pacific region contributed 14% of the participation. They are mainly from Australia, Austria, Germany, Taiwan and other Europe countries. 

Most of the delegates are from steel producers (51%) - upstream to downstream categories. Another 16% are the advance technology suppliers who took this opportunity to share their views and technologies to our steel industry delegates. 

If we analyse further, 58% of our delegates are at the management level (top management – 24% and middle management 34%) and supervisory & technical level (30%). It shows that most of the delegates are those at management level who are interested to get the latest updates on the region’s economy and technology development. 

The e-Conference & Exhibition consist of a Welcome session, a CEO panel discussion, 6 economic sessions, 5 sponsor special sessions and 4 technical session, 1 panel discussion. The Welcome session and ASEAN Focus session 1 & 2 engaged the most delegates with 208 and 198 unique audiences each. Those two sessions gave an overview updates of the steel industry in the world and in ASEAN during this uncertain time. There were 6 Sponsors, 7 Exhibitors and 3 Advertisers participated in our SPADEX Programme of the event. 129 delegates visited CERI exhibition booth, this is the highest view received. And this followed by Primetals, CBMM and Danieli which are among top technology suppliers in the steel industry.    

The experiences that we gain were simply remarkable and satisfying as well. Ever improvised technologies have made it possible for us to achieve our objectives in delivering our service and keep engaging with the members. This is probably the best new normal we are adapting that will survive to enrich our lives and our work in the future or at least on our road to recovery from the pandemic. 

We would like to thank all our Delegates, Speakers, Chair-persons, Sponsors, Exhibitors and Advertisers for making our event so successful, all the more that it is our 50th Anniversary Event.

Wong Wah Sum

Source : SEAISI