POSCO Employees Make Pledges to Maintain Accident-Free Workplaces

Posted on 13 January 2017

- POSCO Family SSS Event was held at Pohang HQ on Jan. 12 to exhibit a strong will to mitigate accidents via smart safety management.
- Safety prizes went to Iron-making Dept. in Pohang, Production Technology Dept. in Gwangyang, POSCO M-tech, POSCO Vietnam, Daekwang Industrial Machinery and Sungkwang Corporation.

On January 12, POSCO held the POSCO Family SSS 2017 to share the results of its major activities last year with the 2017 implementation strategy and pledge to build accident-free factories by further strengthening its will for SSS(Self-directed Safety Spread) at the Grand Conference Hall of its headquarters in Pohang.

The ceremony was attended by approximately 600 people including CEO Ohjoon Kwon, representatives of group affiliates and outsourcing partners and featured the POSCO Family Safety Awards, SSS activities, the sharing of POSCO Family Safety and Health Incident Prevention Strategy and making safety pledges for 2017.  

On the day, prizes were awarded to the Iron-making Department in Pohang (POSCO), the Production Technology Department in Gwangyang (POSCO), POSCO M-tech (affiliate), POSCO Vietnam (overseas corporation), Daekwang Industrial Machinery (partner) in Pohang and Sungkwang Corporation (partner) in Gwangyang at the POSCO Family Safety Awards. The prizes are given to departments and companies for their contribution to the spread of a safety culture and safety culture activities in 2016. 

"Since 2014, we have been actively spreading SSS activities which are self-initiated safety activities, with the Labor-Management Council taking the lead," said Dae-woo Lee, a labor representative of the Labor-Management Council. "At this point, all of us at POSCO will also begin to implement safety activities by placing a top priority on safety in 2017."  

The participants were sympathetic to an idea that the safety level of employees is a key tenet of the company and made pledges to do their utmost to comply with safety standards such as understanding safety and health standards and identifying and mitigating potential risks and promptly informing responsible departments of every accident as it arises. 

"Last year, all members of the POSCO Family undertook basic safety activities such as confirmation of identification and TBM, but there was still much left to be desired," claimed CEO Ohjoon Kwon. "In the New Year, all employees should put forth efforts to create safe and happy workplaces together by reducing accidents and completely preventing serious ones at all costs after analyzing and applying the safety results from 2016."

In November 2014, POSCO introduced its SSS Program consisting of action-oriented voluntary safety activities with both labor and management facilitating. In 2015, the company focused on revitalizing its SSS activities, such as making proposals for safety centered on both ironworking, essay contest, and holding voluntary safety campaigns, and producing accident awareness videos and safety messages. Last year, SSS activity guides were distributed to all employees and individual accident-free systems were introduced and prizes were given to approximately 4,007 workers for their excellent endeavors. In addition, POSCO concentrated on core safety activities such as running a TBM TF and holding the 'Basic Practices' Campaign. On top of that, the company sought substance by soliciting "Smart Safety" ideas, selecting 12 of the 1072 ideas that were received and proceeding with the ideas as tasks, among others.  

This year, POSCO is aiming to realize a safe and accident-free workplace and make POSCO a great workplace where every employee attains a heightened level of happiness. To reach these goals, the company will establish SSS activities as a unique culture aspect of the POSCO Family such as making SSS activities become routine at group affiliates and overseas production facilities as well as POSCO, establishing a smart safety management system based on the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and advancing safety management and accident prevention systems

POSCO Family members are making pledges to make every effort for carrying out SSS activities by making safety a top priority in POSCO Family Safety SSS 2017 held at Pohang Headquarters on January 12.

On January 12, CEO Ohjoon Kwon bestowed the prizes upon departments and companies that contributed to the diffusion of the POSCO Family Safety Culture in 2016. From left are Hee-keun Lee, a manager of the Iron-making Department in Pohang; Byung-nam Kim, a manager of the Production Technology Department in Gwangyang; Hee-myung Lee, president of POSCO M-tech, POSCO CEO Ohjoon Kwon, Dong-ho Kim, head of POSCO Vietnam; Sung-ik Boo, president of Daekwang Industrial Machinery in Pohang and Byung-min Park, president of Sungkwang Corporation in Gwangyang