ArcelorMittal chooses consignment stock for Piracicaba plant

Posted on 29 August 2019

Source: Danieli

The Danieli C-Stock Consignment Stock System represents a unique opportunity for metals producers to select Danieli as preferred provider for the supply of high-turnover items, including high-wear parts.

The system allows customers to avoid costly procurement, to exploit dilution of parts expenses, and to enjoy from rapid and continuous availability, granting continuity of operation and zeroing downtimes due to missing parts.

Furthermore, C-Stock gives customers the opportunity to benefit from all the most recent improvements in terms of material, shape and/or quality, included in “new products” deliveries.

Concerning the agreement with AM Piracicaba, the stock will be maintained in the Danieli do Brazil warehouse and will be delivered quickly on AM request.

Danieli’s local team also will advise AM on stock optimization according to actual plant needs. 

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