POSCO C&C Completes Factory with Annual Capacity of 400,000 Tons of Color Steel Plates

Posted on 06 December 2018

Source: Business Korea

POSCO C&C has completed a new factory capable of producing 400,000 tons of color steel sheets. The company can now supply one million tons of galvanized and color steel sheets a year as it has already secured a capacity to produce 600,000 tons of hot-dip galvanized steel sheets.

POSCO C&C held a ceremony on Dec. 5 to mark the completion of the four-color factory om Pohang with about 100 people attending, including Ha Dae-ryong, president of POSCO C&C, representatives from corporate customers and partners.

The new four-color steel sheet factory will produce products for household appliances and building materials by applying various colors to hot-dip galvanized steel sheets and stainless steel products.

The factory can produce natural four colors and texture through a four-time coating and drying process and a six-time printing process, POSCO explained. 

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